November 24 2005

Ok, is the world ending and no one told me?

Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, as I do each year, and I am used to them having crappy one-hit wonder type bands and singers on the floats. Imagine my utter, and total, shock when Cartoon Network sponsered a Puffy AmiYumi float! I don’t think they even qualify as a one-hit wonder in the USA, but in Japan they are huge. Just odd seeing a J-pop band I have followed for 10+ years. Yes…even their bowling show they had for awhile in Japan…oh how that show cracked me up late at night on one of my trips to Tokyo.

Also surprised me to see Natasha Bedingfield on the Ecko Unlimited float. Am I just paying more attention to music again, or did they up the quality of the musicians this year? Ms. Bedingford isn’t that well known here yet, but her album Unwritten went triple platnium in the UK. (Don’t buy the CD…it’s one of those silly Sony copy protected ones that is screwing up computers…sorry Natasha!) The Hess float had the up-and-coming band The Click Five…I’m losing my mind I tell ya!

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