November 25 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 11

It was a joyous time on Survivor Gautemala as everyone was still enjoying the fact that Jamie had been booted at the last tribal council. It was obvious to everyone that Judd was very upset and everyone’s expalantions of why Jamie had to go was falling on deaf ears. He felt betrayed and that was just too bad. Welcome to the game of Survivor. The rest of the tribe just enoyed the quiet.

The next morning, Gary and Lydia were the first ones up and Gary went to immediate work on her to try to sway her to the side of Danni and himself. The big mistake was they didn’t notice Judd was awake. In his desperation to make sure his alliance hadn’t turned on him, as they had Jamie, he immediately woke up Stephanie and Rafe to report to them what he had overheard.

Reward challange was a “answer a question correctly, get to hit another tribe member’s pot of corn” affair. Each tribe member had three pots, when all three pots were gone, you were out of the game, the winner would travel to a hot springs for a soak, a massage and some food. Steph was quickly eliminated due to Lydia’s insistence she had eaten more than anyone, but it also seemed to me to be a message of the tribes feelings towards her. In the end Cindy was the winner and she was allowed to take one person with her, much to Lydia’s obvious disappointment, she took Rafe.

As the others returned to camp, Steph confronted Lydia over her comments that she was eating more than anyone else through the rewards. Steph counted up everyone’s meals and she was at four while most were at three. Her extra coming from when she opted for food over immunity. She advised her to just drop the subject from here on out, while Gary agreed with Lydia, he only said that in the confessional videos.

Cindy and Rafe returned from their relaxing reward and told everyone stories of the food while Lydia looked on with obvious discomfort. She then tried to amplify how bad her situation was by making a crude corn soup. It really was a pathetic attempt. Steph informed the rest of the alliance that she now considered Lydia out of it and she was an outcast. This left the power as Steph, Rafe Judd and Cindy vs. Gary, Danni and Lydia. Gary was hoping to sway Rafe, but he wasn’t sure what their luck was going to be.

At the immunity challange, it was the usual “hear the story of the native people, answer questions about them and get a marker”. This time they had to retrieve seven flags, if they got the question wrong they had to burn a stick before they could get the flag. It became a neck-and-neck fight between Gary and Rafe with Rafe winning by seconds. That makes three immunity wins for Rafe which puts an awfully large target on his back.

Gary approached Rafe about changing sides, and he did admit a distrust of Judd, but nothing was settled. At tribal council it got nasty with everyone accusing each other of lies. Gary outed Judd’s lie about where the immunity idol was. Judd finally fessed up, and it did seem to shock everyone, but it did not change the outcome. Adios Gary!

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