November 26 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 10 & 11

Well, this week The Apprentice 4 gave us two episodes, but episode 10 was a recap. Nothing really interesting came out of that except more “Markus is a moron” clips and we learned Brian had a big crush on Jennifer M. Whoppee.

In the new episode, Randal and Rebecca returned to the suite much to the amusement of Capital Edge. They were feeling their vistory was assured over a team of just two. The last two members of Excel sat down and discussed what happened in the board room. Everything worked out, they agreed to try their best the next day.

This weeks task was to promote a new fragrance by Shania Twain through Coty perfumes called “Shania by Stetson.” Each team was given a limited supply of Each team was to use the technique of “wrapping,” an adhesive plastic with a marketing message that can be wrapped around various objects, to get consumers to call an 800 number to order a free sample. The team that received the most phone calls would win.

Excel decided to hire a “temp army” of at least 30 people to canvas the city. (interesting note, I don’t think either one ever called themselves project manager). Over at Capital Edge, Alla became project manager and decided to also hire temps, but liked Adam’s idea of putting ads on horse drawn carriages going around the city. The only problem was, that took the bulk of their money and they had to scale back on the number of workers they could hire. Felisha was feeling a bit confined in her assignment due to the decesion she did not agree with.

Randal got the idea to buy as many megaphones as possible to help get the word out. After many failed phone calls at locating any, an employee at one Radio Shack said another man had called and had all the megaphones in the cities Radio Shacks taken to the one at 17th & Broadway. Randal and Rebecca figured out it was Adam from Capital Edge.

What followed will go down as one of my all time favorite Apprentice moments! Randal and Rebecca made a hasty decesion to get to the Radio Shack first and pose as the buyers so they could get all the megaphones. It worked and they walked out with 9 of the 10 megaphones, leaving only the display model. As Capital Edge was trying to get to the store, they called to make sure they were all still there. They learned that a woman on crutches had just picked them all up. They were furious that Excel would conduct business in such a way. Hello Capital Edge…welcome to the world of business where information is power!

The next morning both teams prepped their hired workers. Excel sent some Spanish spaeaking employees out to Spanish Harlem, Capital Edge got the idea to just hand people their own cell phones so they could call on the spot. Both were excellent ideas. The horse drawn carriages Adam had wanted so badly looked horrible.

In the board room, we learned that Excel had 978 phone calls to Capital Edge’s 973, a 5 call difference. While this was a victory, I am befuddled by how close it ended up being! As their reward, Excelt went for a horseback ride with Shania Twain and then had dinner with her.

When it was time for the board room, Bill, Carolyn and Trump were ruthless with Capital Edge. They said they had two major problems. The first being they spent too much money on the carriages, the second was the horrors of Excel stealing their megaphones. I was quite amused when that backfired on them and Bill and Trump both comended Excel for their initiative. You could see the air go out of the Capital Edge folks at that info. Trump finally sent Alla back to the suite as he felt it was clear she was not at fault for the loss, as he questioned Felisha and Adam, it became clear to him that Adam’s carriages had been their downfall, so that was the end of it….adios Adam.

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