November 28 2005

Internet a bit slow today?

Seems the net was getting a work out today due to the new trend of “Cyber Monday“. Brick & mortar retailers have the well-known Black Friday, but since EVERYTHING in the USA needs a name, the Monday after Thanksgiving is now known as Cyber Monday. Fed up with the malls already, folks are turning to the net to order their holiday gifts.

You know, this is great for the net, but boy does it show that the net isn’t ready still for massive surges in traffic. As someone who works on the net day and night, boy did I notice the difference. Things that normally take like one second took 2 – 3 minutes today. To call it mildly infuriating would be an understatement. And of course this happens on a day when my customers all seemed to have lost their minds and kept placing orders and forgetting to tell me their address. That’s always helpful.

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