Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you have a safe and happy one. I am spending mine at home, but nothing new about that. I am not that big of a fan of the whole New Year’s ritual. As for resolutions, last year I made two and actually followed through! One was to blog every… read more

Did the big upgrade today from WordPress to Word Press 2.0. While this has no effect on what you see, it has a significant change to what I see on the back end in the actual management of the blog. If you ever have a desire to start up a blog of your own,… read more


December 30 2005

No no no no no no!

It seems Steven Speilberg is considering remaking Mary Poppins. NO! No no no no no no! There are some movies that are 100% perfect the first time. You (meaning any filmmaker) have nothing to add to it! Leave it alone! Would you remake Gone with the Wind? No! Would you remake Citizen Kane? No! Would… read more

On December 7th, Comedy Central aired the ninth season’s finale of South Park. The episode was entitled “Bloody Mary” and dealt with the dual themes of Alcoholics Anonymous and a statue of the Virgin Mary that was bleeding from the ass. Yes, it was the typical South Park oddness. Yes, it was gross. Yes, it… read more

First a friend of mine got hit, and then my mom just got hit….beware of WinFixer! It is a pain in the behind to get rid of! We ended up hiring a tech to come out to our office today, and $135 later, we are rid of WinFixer and another one that hit one of… read more

Business Work

December 27 2005

I hate this week

No one is in their offices. There’s not enough days to really get anything of substance accomplished at work. What you do get done feels insignificant. Stupid week between Christmas and New Years! BAH!… read more


December 26 2005

My Dirty Confession

I love Christmas, I always have. It always feels like such a let down though when you get to December 25th. All that build up, shot in just one day. It always feels like it should last longer. I have one friend who takes down all her decorations on the morning of the 26th. By… read more

General Work

December 25 2005


Ok, could someone please tell me why time off from work is supposed to be fun? I am bored SENSELESS! After much whining by friends, I agreed to take off the 24th, 25th and 26th. I always take the 25th off, but I gave in on the other two. Will someone please end my agony?… read more


December 24 2005

Tracking Santa

I check this out every year, and it never gets old. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), located inside Cheyenne Mountain, CO (yes, I said “INSIDE”), has one primary mission, protect the airspace over the USA. One day out of the year though, they turn their massive monitering ability over to tracking one lone object… read more

Recently it has been revealed that our country has delved in to some questionable tatics to keep us safe from terrorism. Monitering of mosques and private homes, questionable wiretaps of private citizens and the White House sought broader war-making authority. This all can really be summed up very easily as if the men who founded… read more

You know, I thought I recaped episode 12, but I didn’t…oh well. It’s over now, the last two episodes were sleep inducing. The final two were Dawna and Bethenny. Dawna won. It reallyw as not recapping. I defended this show for a long time, but the last two episodes were just plain old awful!… read more

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I wish I had something, ANYTHING to talk about, but I am totally blank today. Darn holiday shopping season. All I do is work and sleep. I did find time tonight to watch Love Actually, a cute little British film with an amazing cast. Well worth checking out, and will probably be added to my… read more

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