December 3 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 12

Survivor Gautemala jumped directly to the morning after tribal council where everyone was trying to get over the ugliness of the previous night. As everyone sat around eating their breakfasts, Danni discussed how she was sure her’s was the next head on the totem pole unless the alliance of Cindy, Stephanie, Judd and Rafe would somehow start to feed on itself.

The reward challange this time was the traditional auction. Each tribe member was given $500 to use in the auction, the auction could end without warning and tribemembers were allowed to pool money to jointly buy something and only those two members could share in the prize. First item up was beef jerky and went to Danni for $20…that was a steal considering the amount of protein in jerky. Cindy got chocolate chip cookies and milk, Rafe and Danni shared in a philly steak sandwhich, Lydia got a mosquito net and Danni purchased an advantage to the next immunity challange that she had to keep in a wax sealed envolope until she arrived at the challange. The big event though came out of the blue, as a loved one of each tribe member walked around the corner of a pyramid. What followed was one of nastiest twists I can remember in Survivor history.

You bid on your loved one and they would then go back to camp with you and spend the night. Tribe members could pool their money, but only one of them would get to win their loved one. Judd ended up winning after Cindy gave him her money, beating out Steph who had pooled her money with Lydia. Judd’s wife was way happy to see him. Then, as always, came the twist. Probst announced that Judd could pick two other Survivors to have their loved ones to come back to camp. The rub was the other three Survivors would not get to even hug their loved one’s and they would spend the night alone in at the old Yaxha camp. Judd chose Cindy’s twin sister Mindy since Cindy had pooled her money, and he picked Steph’s boyfriend, Matt, as the second. Rafe, Lydia and Danni waved good-bye to their loved one’s and headed to the old camp for the night while the others went back to camp with their family members.

Kristen was surprised at all the wilderness skills Judd had learned during his month out in the jungle. They discussed strategy when alone and Judd assured his wife that he felt the final two would be he and Stephanie. Kristen later talked to Stephanie herself, and Steph also confirmed they were working for the final two to be her and Judd. While at the old camp, Danni took this oppurtunity to talk to Rafe and test the waters of shaking up the four person alliance. Rafe did express some distrust of Judd.

The next morning, the three exiles returned to find the loved ones still there, helping with the morning chores. The newcomers didn’t look thrilled to be helping. After they departed, Lydia took Judd aside to see if she could convince him that it was in his best interest to change sides and go with her and Danni and make a difference. He seemed open to the possability and liked the idea of voting off the strongest players.

Everyone arrived at the immunity challange that I will allow the official site to explain:

“one at a time, players make a move on the giant multi-level playing board. Flip a tile to the red side, and step onto it. Once a tile has been flipped and stepped on, it cannot be used again. In addition, the top level is a spinning platform to be used for strategic repositioning on the board.”

Danni was allowed to open her clue and it was a pass to allow her to trade places with any other player at any time. There were several ways this could be used, but she used it to switch with Steph when she saw herself becoming trapped. In the end it saved her and Danni won the immunity.

Back at camp, Steph asked Danni what Judd had been talking to Lydia about earlier, and she told Steph of Judd’s comment about voting off the strongest players. This made Steph question how reliable Judd really was and it just added to the other lies he had been caught in. Rafe, Danni, Steph and Lydia then met behind the Mayan ruins and discussed voting Judd out now. They decided to leave Cindy out for fear of her telling Judd in advance. It was obvious Lydia wasn’t convinced though as she tried to make deals with both Judd and Rafe seperately.

At Tribal Council, it was a vote of 4 to 2 to oust Judd. Cindy was shocked, Judd was just flat out angry.

Here is a lesson for all future Survivors:If you’re going to lie, don’t get caught doing it!

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