December 4 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 12

The Apprentice 4 opened this week with Randal, Rebecca, Alla and Felisha celebrating with a dinner at Grand Central Station since they were now the final four. A major accomplishment on any reality show. They all knew that the next morning they would be back atwar for the ultimate prize.

They met with Trump at the Nasdaq exchange for their next assignment. Each team was to come up with a 60 second promotional video to promote the new Microsoft Office Live Meeting. Felisiha and Alla argued over who would be project manager, with Felisiha finally winning. It was amusing to see the contrast with Randal and Rebecca whom took two seconds to decide Rebecca needed a win and Randal stepped aside graciously.

Honestly, I am not going to drag this one out. Alla and Felisiha fought over everything. Randal and Rebecca originally went with hiring an actor, but after 30+ takes and not liking them, Ranadal stepped in and did a fine job. Alla and Felisha made some just horrible flase steps with their video making it go too fast and using a lot of text, while Randal and Rebecca went with visuals. They won hands down. Their prie was a yacht ride and they unexpected apperance of Randal’s wife and Rebecca’s boyfriend.

In the board room, it took no time for the “friendship” between the two women to break down as Alla went after Felisha with a vengance. As they went back and forth, Trump declared Felisha wasn’t strong enough to work in New York City, and had no leadership skills, so she was fired. Thinking it all over, Alla stood up to leave, but Trump told her immediately to sit back down. He told her she was hard to lead and she too was fired.

Trump went up to the suite to tell Randal and Rebecca the news that they are the final two. I would say this is the most well deserved final two yet.

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