December 6 2005

Shameless DVD player plug

Shameless advertisement time! Do you want to play DVDs from other counteries? How about converting PAL to NTSC format? Want to run your DVD player through your VCR, but that annoying Macrovision copy protection always screws it up? CyberHome CH-DVD 500 Progressive-Scan DVD Player is the player for you! Amazon has them on special right now for $39.99 and they do qualify for free shipping! There is also a mail-in rebate of $10 if you buy this by 12/31/05.

Yes, it is an off-brand name, but I own two of this player already and love them! I just bought my third to keep around as a backup! You can read all about this player and brand at (just scroll down to the CyberHome section). This site also has all the information on how to use the “un-advertised” features.

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