December 7 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 11

When last we left the Amazing Race:Family Edition, the Weavers and the Bransenshad found Phil and been told that this leg of the race was not yet over. They opened their clues and got right back on the road and found they needed to drive 49 miles toward Dubois, WY and find Turtle Ranch.

While the Weavers and Bransens were upset at this, the Godlewskis and the Linzs were thrilled it meant a chance to catch up in the race again. And boy were they ever right! When they arrived at the racnh, the teams discovered it woul dnot open until 7:00 AM the next morning, meaning all four teams were, yet again, tied.

The gates opened the next morning, and the teams raced on foot to trucks to take them out to the countryside where they were greeted by a detour. brings you the info:

“Teams had to choose between Pioneer Spirit and Native Tradition. In Pioneer Spirit, Teams had to properly attach wheels to a covered wagon, hook up a team of horses, and drive along a quarter mile course. Driving the wagon and keeping control of the horses would be difficult, but Teams that mastered the skill could finish quickly. In Native Tradition, Teams had to use the materials and tools provided to build a teepee. Completing the task wouldn’t take skill, but getting all parts of the teepee together correctly could take a while.”

The Godlewskis and Weavers went for the teepees, and the Bransens and Linzs went for the wagons. The Linzs finished quickly and rode off, followed closely by the Bransens. The Weavers finisned relatively quickly, but the Godlewski sisters, as with every other task, argued themselves in to last place. As the teams got their clues, they were told to drive 221 miles to Cody, WY and find the hotel named after one of Buffalo Bill’s daughters. At the hotel, they must meet up with Buffalo Bill, dress in period clothing, and take a picture with him. Please…can this race end yet? Taking old time photos? Next they’ll be flattening pennies in one of those stupid machines.

The next clue instructed the teams to drive 73 miles to Red Lodge, Montana and find the 10th tee at the Red Lodge Mountain Golf Course. Once they arrived, each time picked a colored flag, grabbed a golf cart and had to drive around the last 9 holes locating the 4 balls that matched their flags. They could be anywhwere on those 9 holes, incluing in the holes, it took some of the teams longer than others to figure that out. After this, it was a 43 mile drive to Absarokee, MT to find Larry Arnold’s Green Meadow Ranch, a ten thousand acre cattle ranch and Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Again, the Godlewski sisters arguing kept them firmly in fourth place.

Can you tell I am really bored with this race? I am so ready for it to be over. The Bransens came in first, wining a Buick Lucerne…yep, just one. That should be fun deciding who gets it. The Godlewskis came in last and we’re eliminated. Honestly, they needed to come in last just so they wouldn’t kill each other!

Next week the final three race…FINALLY!

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