December 9 2005

The Apprentice:Martha Stewart Episode 11

Martha Stewart Apprentice started off this week with the five remaining players going over strategies for the next task and Jim being…you guessed it…Jim. He seems to think that jumping up and down on the kirchen counter would make others wonder about him and work into his stratagies.

The next morning, the teams met with Martha via videoconference. She gave them their next task which was to manke a 30 second promo video for Song Airlines new $99 flight from New York to Los Angeles. The ad would then be shown to a plane load of Song’s frequent flyer customers and the ad to the score the highest on the comment cards would be the winner.

Ryan and Marcela are still a team (who knows which name they are using now..I think Matchstick) and Ryan came up with the idea of showing a baseball player missing his team flight and having only $100 to get to Los Angeles for a game. Marcella called the execs at Song and discovered that their target audience was 40 and older women. Marcella questioned if a sports theme was a good idea with that demographic, but Ryan wanted to stick with it. Also, to save money, they decided Ryan would be the actor. Oh that was probably not wise. He also thought he could be director, producer and editor. Oh Ryan, Ryan, Ryan….

The team of Dawna, Jim and Bethenny came up a bit more sophisticated theme and worked everything out before heading over to the studios to hire their professional actors. Their only problem seemed to come from Jim being too detail driven in his directing of the video.

After the teams finished filming, they headed to the editing stage. This is where Matchstick met it’s biggest problem….free beer. The editing companies fridge was well stocked with free beer and Ryan loved it. After four, he came up with the slogan “Need we say more?” which means nothing basically and Marcella told him so. After two more beers, he decided a subliminal message was needed. It just got worse from there.

After the videos aired, Matchstick scored 4.2 out of 5 and Primarius scored 2.8 out of 5. The prize for Dawna, Jim and Bethenny was to go horse riding with Martha the next day, followed by a game of Scrabble. This may sound boring, but it actually was a good testing of the three potential candidates. For instance, Dawna showed a total lack of thought process. As that stands, I would say Bethenny may be our winner.

As Ryan and Marcella prepared for the conference room, Marcella asked Ryan if he has slacked off on purpose to set her up, knowing she would probably get fired. He denied it, but you did have to wonder. In the conference room, Ryan got raked over the coals by Martha, Alexis and Chrles. Martha hated the tagline, Charles hated the subliminal message and Alexis mentioned how he totally missed the demographic. Then the beer subject came up and that really put the writing on the wall that Ryan was a goner. Martha decided she might as well get rid of Marcella at the same time due to her track record, so it was good-bye to both of them. Oh well.

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