December 10 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 13

The tribe members returned from ousting Judd on Survivor Gautemala and had to console Cindy over being left out of the loop on the voting. She had thought Lydia was going and couldn’t understand why she hadn’t been told. Everyone told her things were fine, but she was understandablly hesitant. We also learned Rafe is just one of the girls since he is the only male left. I shall let that thought marinate in your head for awhile.

The reward challange tree mail arrived and was only a car key. This set the tribe to speculating that the prize would be a car. This especially set Stephanie’s tongue to wagging as she has never owned her own car. At the challange, Probst explained to them it was called Second Chances and the prize consisted of a Pontiac Torrent and an overnight stay at an archelogist camp, complete with a large dinner. I’ll let the official site explain the challange as it was complex:

“The rules of the game: players must race across a balance beam and untie three sets of macanas. The first three players move on to the second round. At the second stage, the players toss the macana to break a clay tile. The first two to break the tile move on to the final stage. The third stage was a small Maya calendar puzzle. After solving the puzzle, the players must jump into the primitive wooden cart, chop the rope and race to the finish.”

The final two came down to Cindy and Stephanie, with Cindy winning in the end. Probst informed Cindy of the Survivor car winner curse. This is the fact that in 10 seasons of Survivor, the person to win the car has never won the game. So he gave her an option, keep the car or give up her car and give the other four remaining Survivors a car each. She opted to keep her car and take Steph with her to the archeologist camp. After they had their meal, the archeologist taught them about the history of the Mayan empire.

Back at camp, Rafe and Danni thought it was a stupid decesion, but Lydia thought it was the right one. My thoughts are Cindy was in for problems either way. Keep the car and look selfish, give up the car and people would think you would have too much good will on the jury to take you to the final two with them. It really was a catch-22 situation. Cindy didn’t help things upon her return by going on endlessly about how nice the car was.

At the immunity challange, the Survivors were locked to ropes and had to use keys to unlock themselves and unravel their ropes from poles as they went. In her first ever individual victory, Steph won it. Back at camp, Rafe and Danni made a mini-alliance of not voting for each other, and promising each other the final two. Whatever…folks, you take who you can win against to the final two, not a “buddy”. So Rafe campaigned against Cindy and Cindy against him, but in the end, it was Cindy’s torch that was snuffed.

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