December 12 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 13

The Apprentice 4 opened this week with Donald Trump informing Randal and Rebecca that they were the last two candidates for the job of Apprentice. Their reward for making it to the final two was a private dinner with Trump’s lackeys Carolyn and George at Megu. As the dinner progressed, Carolyn informed them that they had to pick their three employees on the spot that would help them during the final task. After some negotiating, and even a coin flip, Randal got Josh, Mark, and Marshawn. Rebecca got James, Chris, and Toral. Yes, you read that correctly…Toral. Rebecca’s bizarre belief in her continues.

The next morning, Randal and Rebecca met with Trump to discover their final tasks. Rebecca was to run the Yahoo! All-Star Comedy Benefit with host Joe Piscopo to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Randal was to manage the Outback Steakhouse VIP Softball Challenge, a high-profile ballgame for celebrities, to raise money for Autism Speaks. After that they met with their teams, learned that Randal was Excel and Rebecca was Capital Edge. They then departed for the event sites to start their setups.

Rebecca’s event was to be hosted at a resturant named BLVD. THey began immediate discussions to plan for 300 attendees, food, valet, VIP room and so on. Randal’s event was to be at Keyspan Park over at Coney Island. They had to plan for a crowd of 400-500 people, a tailgate party, the softball game, and a VIP reception. Among the celebrities playing softball were Jerome Williams from the Knicks, Sugar Ray Leonard and the hip-gop group G Unit.

It was time for the teams to meet with the exectuives from the companies they were dealing with to make sure they sculpted the events to meet their needs. Rebecca and James met with Yahoo! executives and discussed striking a balance between raising money in the VIP reception and in the general crowd for the comedy show. Rebecca also hired Infinity Marketing to help with the set up of the event.

While Randal’s meeting with Autism Speaks was more sobering and his team learned that 1 in every 166 children is born with Autism. This really fired Josh up to do his best as he just learned his wife is pregnant. Alison Singer, Senior Vice President of Autism Speaks was glad to see fire and passion in Randal’s team, she felt Randal was too focused on the technical details of the event and was missing the heart of it. Chris and James met with Joe Piscopo about hosting the Yahoo! event and he seemed very excited.

Meanwhile, Randal took his entire team to a party supply store to buy supplies when only one or two of them could have easily handeled this errand. This little excursion caused Mark to miss an important meeting with the games color commentator. Randal’s next seemingly odd move was to tell Outback people he only needed one tent for the VIPs. He was asked if he should have more in case of rain and he said it wasn’t necessary. An outside event and you don’t plan for the worst-case scenario? What in the world are you thinking?

Rebecca talked with Jake Glaser about speaking at the event since the charity wasfor the foundation is named for his mother. He told her he would be happy to say a few words. Rebecca then ran in to two speed bumps of her own. The Yahoo executives who came by for an inspection shot down her plans to ask people directly for donations. She then lost her emcee, Joe Piscopo, over a dispute with a union.

Randal ran in to even more problems when Ben, the rep from Outback Steakhouse, discovered Mark was the only one working on setup. Ben voiced his concerns to Randal who promised him everything was in hand. Sure didn’t look it to me, but what do I know. As Randal’s team setup into the night, a radio broadcast said rain was forecast for the next day…..uh oh.

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