December 13 2005

Survivor Gautemala Episode 14

Survivor Gautemala opened on the final four, Rafe, Stephanie, Danni and Lydia, waking up to day 37. Lydia received the tree mail and got overly excited about the possability Mayans would be visiting the camp. When I say overly excited, I mean OVERLY EXCITED. It was kind of scary actually.

You have to give her points though, she was correct. A group of Mayans came in to the camp and offered their blessings by sacrafising a chicken when the tore off it’s head and threw it’s carcass in the fire. Steph immediately suggest they eat the sacraficed chicken and finally convinced Lydia to ask the Mayans if they could eat the chicken. They said that it was a sacrafice for the Gods and they had to leave it alone.

The Survivors were then off to the Immunity Challange, and I will let the official site explain it:

“The huge maze was built in the image of an ancient Maya bird. The rules: race through the maze to collect colored puzzle pieces from six stations, then return through the elaborate maze to the puzzle board. When all eight pieces are collected, assemble the puzzle to form one of three images.”

It was insanely huge and they had to run up a pyramid in the middle after collecting each part and then go out again. It was neck and neck between Rafe and Steph, but Rafe won in the end…again.

Back at camp, Steph approached Rafe right away about voting Danni out, figuring Lydia would be no challange at the final immunity challange. Her thought was to take Rafe with her because he had double-crossed the same people as her. At first it seemed Rafe was going to go for it, but in the end he stuck by his word to take Danni to the final three with him.

As they prepared for another meal of corn, Steph thought they should just go ahead and eat the chicken. Lydia and she checked the bird, and it was fully cooked. They brought it back and Danni, Lydia and Steph ate it while Rafe backed out. He felt it would be like he learned nothing from the ceremony if he ate it after they were told not to. Anyone suspect Rafe was the tattle-tale in grade school? I am all for respecting traditions, but you have four people with no food with a roasting chicken near by? What do you think is going to happen? Oh well, they paid the price later with the worst tropical rain storm since the game started.

At tribal council that night, Probst gave them a ribbing about the rain storm being their fault. In the end though, they got their business done and Lydia was sent home.

The next morning, everyone awoke to a louder-than-normal Howler Monkey and to discover that more rain had made their remaining corn supply moldy. Steph mentioned that they had made it to day 38, and that was the most important thing. After getting ready for the day, they were instructed to take the traditional Walk of Old Video Clips (well…that’s what I call it) as they walked around the Mayan pyramids remembering those voted out before them. As they passed each torch, they remembered the tribe mate and threw a drawing of them in to the a fire. Could we please do away with this tradition? Pretty please?

At the final immunity challange, I will again let the official website explain the rules:

“holding on to two ropes, balance on a wobbly platform for one hour. After the first hour, release one rope. After thirty more minutes, release the other rope. The last person standing would win a spot in the Final Two.”

At the hour mark, everyone was doing fine…until they released one rope each and all hell broke loose. All three went teetering, but held on to their lone ropes and got their feet back on the platforms and leaned against the support posts. The next half hour was fine until they released the last rope. A few moments into that, Rafe lost his concentration and touched the post with his hand and was eliminated. The battle of Steph and Danni lasted another 45 minutes or so, but Danni’s height turned into a major advantage as Steph slid further down the pole and finally lost her grip and hit the ground hard in a sitting position. She immediately burst in to tears and was quickly comforted by Danni and Rafe. Rafe also informed Danni that he released her from any obligations and he wanted Danni to take whomever she felt was the better competitor. Guess what…Danni take Steph. Good goin’ Rafe!

The next morning, the girls said good-bye to their camp with the traditional “Burn the mother down!” rite of passage, a last dip in the croc-free cage and then it was off to “The Jury Asks A Bunch Of Whiny Questions” night. As usual, the sore-losers came out to shine and in the vote, Danni became the Sole Survivor in a vote of 6-to-1, with Rafe being the lone vote for Stephanie.

A note to all future Survivors….IT’S A GAME! If you get lied to, backstabbed or things don’t go according to your plan, that does not make the person who did it a bad person, it makes them someone who knows how to play this game the way it is meant to be played. Danni got by there always being a bigger target in the vicinity, she did NOT play the game, Steph did. End of subject. See you all next season for “Survivor Panama – Exile Island”.

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