December 15 2005

Amazing Race 8, Episode 12 & 13

Time for Amazing Race:Family Edition to come to an end. It was down to just the Weavers, Bransens and the Linzs left for these final legs.

Everything got underway at 3:04 AM, with the Bransens opening their clue to find they needed to fly 1,700 miles to Montreal, Canada and find the Metropolitain train station. Once there, they needed to enter the subterranean complex known as the Underground City. They then had to search the labyrinth of tunnels for the passageway to the basement of the CDP Capital Building where they would find their next clue.

All the teams were provided with airline tickets on a Northwest flight from Minneapolis, connecting to an Air Canada flight in Toronto, they were welcome to find faster flights. The Bransens found a direct Northwest flight once they were at the airport that beat their original tickets by 10 minutes. After they had left, the Linzs and Weavers found an even earlier flight that would beat the Bransens by 50 minutes. During the race to book the flight, it became a foot race between Alex Linz and Rolly Weaver that fell apart in to a scuffle. It appeared Rolly grabbed Alex’s backpack, they both collapsed to the ground and Linda Weaver started shouting “Don’t touch him!” in reference to her son. Lady…your family are not the little angels you think they are. So instead of yelling at Alex not to touch your son, how about telling your kid not to yank on people’s backpacks?

Once in the clue was locted in Montreal, it was a detour. explains:

“In Slide It, Teams would travel 22 miles to the McGill Arena and engage in the sport of curling. Each Team member needed to glide a granite stone 120-feet down the ice into a target known as the house. In Roll It, Teams had to travel 23 miles to an arboretum and use traditional lumberjack tools to roll four logs along a 100-foot course.”

The Weavers found it quick and had a good cab driver and took Slide It. The Linzs and Bransens both got massivly lost in the Underground City, but finally got their clues. The Linzs went for Slide It and the Bransens went for Roll it. The clue they won instructed them to drive to the American Pavilion, built for the 1967 World Expo. Once at the World Expo site, their next clue told them to drive 6 miles to an industrial park and locate door “J”.

Door J led to a Roadblock. six miles to an industrial park and search for door J. Running back to their cab, the Weavers complimented Ted on keeping them in the lead so far. One member of each team had to successfully complete a flying trapeze maneuver known as a catch. Once the person has been caught, they will receive their next clue. The Weavers were in first place at this point and Rolly did the Roadblock in one try. Alex Linz took three trys and Beth Bransen took one try. The clue here instructed the teams to drive two miles to Parque Olympique. Once there, they would need to use a golf cart to search for the arena known as Stade Olympique and enter it through the one door large enough for them to drive through.

The Weavers took forever to find the door, allowing the Bransens and Linzs to catch up. The teams opened their clues that told them to search the 56,000 seat arena for one of three departure times, each leaving five minutes apart the next morning on a charter flight to a mystery destination. The Linzs found 5:50 AM, the Bransens found 5:45 AM and the Waevers….whined. Oh how they whined about how this was so unfair. Um…because everyone is playing the exact same game? They were just whining because they lost their lead. Hello…RACE. Not a hard concept to understand!

In the morning, the teams headed out to their mystery location that turned out to be Toronto, Canada. As soon as they arrived that they were to drive 1 mile to La Tour CN, the world’s tallest building, proceed to the top observation deck and, using binoculars, search for the next clue in the expanse of the city below. The Linzes and Weavers were neck and neck and Lauren Bransen spotted the cluebox at the same moment Alex Linz did. Both of the teams left together, leaving the Weavers to continure their search. Rebecca finally spotted the cluebox near a dock and they set out for it, but well in third place.

This next clue was the final Detour of the race. Again,

“Ship or Shoe. In Ship, Teams would sail across Toronto Harbor to a ship, the Kajama, where one Team member would climb 100-feet to the top of the mast and retrieve a nautical flag. In Shoe, Teams had to find the Bata Show Museum, choose a pair of shoes, and search through 100 women for the one woman who fits the pair selected.”

The Bransens took Shoe and the other two took Ship. As each team finished, they were told to drive 81 miles to Queenston, on the Canadian side of the Niagara Gorge. Once there, they would take a jet boat ride up the gorge to the Niagara Whirlpool and grab their clue from a buoy. The clue at the buoy told them to take their boat Lewiston, NY.

Once they arrived in Lewiston they opened their clue to find the last Roadbock. In this Roadblock, one team member needed to use jigsaw pieces to complete an enormous puzzle of Central and North America. After completing the Roadblock, teams would make their way to the finish line. It was neck-and-neck between the Bransens and Linzs, but in the end, it was the Linzs who crossed the finish line in first place, taking home the $1 Million dollar prize. The weavers arrived to ho-hom claps in third place.

There was one more challange between the Bransens and Weavers for a car that you could see only online…the Bransens won. Yay! The defeat of the Weaves was complete at that point!

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