December 16 2005

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 4, Episode 14

When last we left The Apprentice 4, Randal and Rebecca were deep in to their two charity events. To refresh, Randal was working with the Outback Steakhouse VIP Softball Challenge, a high-profile ballgame for celebrities, to raise money for Autism Speaks and Rebecca was working on the Yahoo! All-Star Comedy Benefit to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Randal was facing the potential of bad weather and Rebecca had lost Joe Piscopo as the host for her event.

I am going to depart from my normal style and just do each event and not bounce back and forth in the order the show did.

Randal – The rain did come and ruin the softball game. Randal had no plan B in place and came up with moving the charity auction in to the locker room of the stadium out of desperation. So, no softball game, the celebrities weren’t presented properly, but they did raise $11,000 for the Autism Speaks charity.

Rebecca – She found new comedians, but took a lot of grief from Yahoo about not asking outright for donations for the charity. She tried to balance things, but in the end she came up with $0 for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

In the final boardroom Rebacca and Randal wer eboth taken to task for their shortfalls. Carolyn made sure Randal know you always have a plan B, and Trump mentioned Carolyn always had plans up through D and E. Rebecca’s problem was for listening to Yahoo too much. I thought it was interesting that even Trump thought Yahoo had gone too far in their demands, but felt Rebecca should have stood up to them. In my opinion though, Rebecca had to look at Yahoo as her employer and she in turn did as they asked.

So I rushed through this so I could get to what everyone has been talking about…the ending. As Trump went back and forth during the live show, it was really up in the air as to who he was going to hire, but he finally said the words “Randal, you’re hired!” Lincoln Center exploded and Randal ran over to be hugged by the fired candidates. Trump called him back and asked him “Randal, if you were me, would you hire Rebecca, also?” Randal’s response was that there should only be one Apprentice and Rebecca should not be hired.

Folks, I had rooted for Randal from week 1…I lost every shred of respect I had for him in that one moment. Trump had pointed out Randal was a team player, if he really was, Randal would have said “Yes Mr. Trump. Rebecca is a good candidate and she would be good for the Trump orginization.” No, he made a purely emotional decesion and did not want to lose his hold on the spotlight. If I was Trump, I would have told Randal “Wow, you just failed your real world test.”

If Randal had one ounce of real concern for what was going on, he would have realized he HAD won the game. Trump did not hire them both, he left the hiring of Rebecca up to Randal as his first act as the new Apprentice. He didn’t think it through and he made an ass out of himself in front of millions of people and lost a lot of respect from those that had been rooting for him all along, myself included.

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