December 19 2005

Online shopping steps it up & strange stories of the year

According to this article, online shopping traffic rose 33% the first week of December over the same time last year. For the same time period, mall traffic was done 3.8%. It’s a slow crawl to killing off the brick and mortar stores, but it is interesting to watch none-the-less. And I am proud to report that I have bought only one gift in a brick and mortar, and I only did that because I had a gift card. Be interesting to see if this trend continues to build as people get even more comfortable with the online world.

In an unrelated news story, thanks to Brenda for pointing out this story about the strange stories of the year. Some of my personal favorites:

A Japanese woman who paid a contract killer the equivalent of 136,000 dollars to murder her lover’s pregnant wife went to the police to complain when he failed to do the job.

After a row with his wife about money, a well-off Israeli man opened the family safe, took out the equivalent of 680,000 dollars in banknotes and burned it to ashes on the front lawn.

Workers in a German post office thought they had a bomb on their hands when a parcel began vibrating and making strange noises. It turned out to contain an inflatable sex toy.

Ah, the wonders of the world.

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