December 26 2005

My Dirty Confession

I love Christmas, I always have. It always feels like such a let down though when you get to December 25th. All that build up, shot in just one day. It always feels like it should last longer. I have one friend who takes down all her decorations on the morning of the 26th. By the evening, her house is Christmas free…annoys the heck out of me. Is her house though, so more power to her.

As a retailer, I very rarely get to actually enjoy Christmas. We are so busy in the build up that it is hard for us to enjoy it. So, several years ago my family made an odd decesion…we don’t take down the majority of our Christmas decorations. The trees stay up, as well as some of the garland. And I turn the little lights on all year long.

So, if you are ever in my house (unlikely), don’t be shocked if it’s July and you see a Christmas tree. We like Christmas and we keep it up.

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