January 4 2006

Are You Ready For The VoIP Revolution?

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is going on in Las Vegas right now. This is the holy land of gadget geeks, such as myself, so the news coming out this week is always exciting. The big thing this year seems to be Skype ready phones that work off Wi-Fi.

There are going to be variations in all sorts of flavors. Want to use your old phones with Skype? Check out the D-Link USB Phone adapter that will let you use any of your old land line phones as a Skype ready phone.

Want to do a conference call with Skype? Will be easy soon with the the Xing by Ipevo. They will also be coming out a handset called The FLY.1.

What if you still want to use a landline and Skype all from the same phone? Thanks be to Panasonic for coming up with a dual phone! It will work with both traditional phone lines and Skype.

The ultimate dream Skype phone though would not require being connected to a computer, would work on Wi-Fi anywhere and would have all the Skype features like SkypeIn and SkypeOut. DONE! Netgear is prepping a phone that will do just that. Think about the possabilities of this for a minute. San Fransisco is due to be one big Wi-Fi hotspot in the not to distant future, you could Skype from anywhere in the city. Skype in your hotel room…Skype in the local coffee shop…Skype in the city parks of New York City…Skype in other countries…anywhere there is Wi-Fi, your Skype would work. And with more and more hotspots popping up, you could even get rid of your cell phone and your landline all at once.

The mind boggles.

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