January 8 2006

Blasted CES Is Making Me Geek Out!

So, CES just keeps pumping out the great new gadgets this year. We all know, and love, our Wi-Fi, but there are always those annoying bling spots in your house. Well, now there is a way for you to boost the signal using the current coaxial cable setup in your house. According to this article on, Auragrid will do just this.


In the picture above, you will unscrew the antennas from your wi-fi unit, and screw on this device. You will then screw your coaxial threw is also, this will turn ever cable jack in your house in to a booster. You will then go to each jack, unscrew your cable, screw on the white antenna, and screw the cable in to that. This will give you another reciever wherever there is a jack. For some reason this won’t work with a satellite system.

You combine this with all the upcoming wi-fi phones and cameras…exciting times for home networks lay ahead of us all. Very exciting times.

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Science & Technology