January 9 2006

20 Million In One Week…awwwwww

According to numerous articles such as this one, the recording industry saw a record week for legal downloadable music sales. For the final week of 2005, 20 million songs were downloaded on the heels of another record Christmas season where iPods topped many Christmas gift lists. Groups such as D4L saw one of their tracks, “Laffy Taffy”, sell 175,000 copies, another record breaker.

Remember folks, the record industry is hurting and all you evil pirates, which saw the number of households downloading illegally drop 11% last year, are to blame! I am not endorssing illegally downloading, quite the oppisite, but I really want to quit hearing the record industry whine about how much things suck. All you are doing is making yourself look sillier and sillier everytime you say it. Yes, CD sales have slipped, but at the same time you are moving 20 million single songs in a week?

Gee, could it be because people no longer buy the fluff tracks off an album? Probably.

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