January 16 2006

More Music Stuff

I know my enteries have been a bit lackluster as of yet, but I have 5,000 things going on, so I am just sticking up random thoughts. Today is some of the huge pile of…well…I would say CDs, but it’s all been MP3s, I am working my way through. Anyway, some bands I have gotten in to that I had never tried before:

Bif Naked – Listned to Superbeautifulmonster, I Bificus and Purge. I have heard of Bif for many years, but never given her a try…I think I may be in love. Songs like “Funeral For A Good Grrl” are worth every penny.

The Distillers – Listened to Sing Sing Death House, Coral Fang and The Distillers. Gutteral, raw and full of energy. This band grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. I mus thave listened to the song “Drain the Blood” three times in a row.

Yellowcard – Listened to Ocean Avenue, Lights and Sounds and Where We Stand. I liked all three albums, but they almost seem like the poor-man’s Green Day.

Within Tempation – Listened to Silent Force, Mother Earth, Enter and The Dance. A bit more gothic sounding than my usual taste, but I loved the albums. The female singer is amazing.

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