January 20 2006



That’s really the only word that pops to mind when I read about the goverment issuing a subpeona for Google turn over a list of all their search terms. For now Google is fighting them, but Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has asked a California Federal judge to order Google to comply. So far Yahoo, MSN and AOL have complied. The goverment is quick to point out that this is done in the name of protecting children from pornography.

I am all for protecting children, but where does it end? At this time they are only requesting the words, not who used them. What do they learn from this? Not a whole lot. So the word “teen” was searched on 5,000,000 times, so what? Yes, I am sure some of those searches were for teen porn, and some of the were probably searches for teen acne cures. If the govemerment is allowed this info, what will they ask for next? Maybe geogrphic information as to which are of the country searches on a word the most? What about city after that? Oh ok, by neighborhood…no, just tell us who searched on what. If you do not draw the line somewhere they will just keep taking and taking, they will never stop.

Again, I turn to this quote:

“They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Between the recent, potentially, unlawful, monitering of phone calls and this, it would seem everuone in the USA is to be considered under suspicion of some form of crime until we are told otherwise.

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