January 22 2006

*tears his hair out*

Why…why can technology never work smoothly. I will warn you this gets very geeky:

At work cable runs to the cable modem
Cable modem runs to the router
Router runs to a switch
Switch runs to the wall ports

We have been having a serious speed problem all of a sudden at work, and it is just getting worse. So I spent some time investigating it tonight and my ISP detected some static on the line, and when they pinged through the modem to the router we were getting a 10% packet loss. We took the router out of the equation and plugged straight into the switch and we had 0 packet loss. Put the router back in the line and back to 10% packet loss.

So, now the question is if it’s the static in the line and the router is catching it, or is the router bad? It’s a Linksys WRT54G and only about 4 months old. Anyone have thoughts?

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