January 24 2006

Wow, big news day for TV!

Couple interesting things today from the world of news about Television.

First off, The WB and UPN are becoming one network this Fall, due to be called The CW. Each pre-existing network will have a 50% stake in the new one, and each network will bring their gest shows with them. So shows like Gilmore Girls and Smallville from The WB and Everybody Hates Chris and America’s Next Top Model from UPN will be on the new network.

This could play out a couple of ways. You could lose a show you like, but areas of the country that have been underserviced by there two networks now stand a chance of actually having them. This could actually make another network, making a big five, where as spereate entities, they were never a threat. A story to keep your eye on for sure.

And the second thing I wanted to point out was that The Book of Daniel has been cancelled after only three weeks on the air. Of course the folks who complained the most are claiming a victory. This brings their victories to two in almost as many months. First the episode of South Park, and now this. With each victory the cencorship mavens will grow more bold and will spread their targets wider and wider. Hope you all enjoy what’s in store, because it’s far from over.

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