January 25 2006

This Seems Like Poetic Justice To Me

Richard Hatch, winner of Survivor:Borneo (AKA The First Survivor), was found guilty today of tax evasion for not paying taxes on his $1 Million prize from the show, $327,000 he was paid as co-host of a Boston radio show and $28,000 in rent on property he owned. He claimed, at least on the $1 Million prize, that the produces of Survivor had agreed to pay the taxes on the money due to a deal he struck with them to not reveal that other contestants had food snuck to them on the island, a claim the producers denied.

You know, fine, maybe he was confused on the prize money, but that still leaves taxes on $355,000 unpaid. How could he even remotely think he wasn’t supposed to pay taxes on those earnings? He can’t. It’s just plain arrogance on his part, something the entire country he know’s he has plenty of after watching him on the original Survivor.

He is facing as much as 13 years in prison, but the usual sentance is 33 to 41 months. He was taken into custody as soon as the verdict was read as the judge deemed him a potential flight risk. Why do I find this so oddly satisfying?

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