January 27 2006

I have a confession to make…

Ok, I don’t care who knows any more, but…I watch soap operas. Get over it. I only watch All My Children, BUT…General Hospital has won me back for at least two months with the reapperance today of Robert Scorpio, played by Tristen Rogers.

For those not in the know, Robert was part of the part of the golden age of GH when it was Luke, Laura, Robert and Anna running all over Port Charles saving it from the various evil plots of the Cassadines. And now the news that Holly, Robert’s second wife, played by Emma Samms is also returning for a few weeks…wow…I am so glued to this show for awhile.

Darn this show bringing back some of my all-time favorite soap characters!

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  • Jo

    I got hooked on all the ABC shows when I started watching OLTL when Michael Esten (sp) joined the show, then the baby switch, and they I just started leaving the TV on Soap Net and got hooked on GH.

  • The tale end of the baby swap is what drew me back in to AMC and I had been sticking only to it, but the return of Scorpio was just too good for me to pass up. Soap Net just makes it TOO easy to get back in to soaps since I am always looking for something to watch late at night.

  • ABC is now doing what they probably should’ve done years ago before soap ratings really started to nosedive (along with their production budgets).

    The return of Robin, Robert and Holly are very exciting for us long time viewers. Even more than that, I think Rick Springfield’s Noah Drake has the potential to be a central character if they want him to be. Kudos to the rock star on his performance the past six weeks.

    I say it’s only a matter of time before Genie Francis relents and returns to Port Charles one last time.

  • They are doing it on AMC also with the returns of Janet Green and Dixie.

    As for GH, The return of Gene Francis is big on my mind right now. It almost seems inevitable.