January 29 2006

Random things about myself

Stolen from some friends on Live Journal:

I am not: a failure.
I hurt: When I fail
I love: making my friends laugh
I hate: when people hurt those that I love
I fear: things out of my control
I hope: for happiness
I crave: success
I regret: nothing
I cry: when I think of ones I love being hurt
I care: about my friends and family
I always: double check my alarm clock
I long: to finish “The Never Ending Project”
I feel alone: at times
I listen: to tv more than watch it
I hide: very little
I cause: headaches for people
I sing: in the shower
I dance: when by myself
I write: at least once a day in my blog
I breathe: and wonder how it all works
I play: video games, but not as much as I used to
I miss: the 80’s sometimes
I learn: from my mistakes (keeping that one)
I feel: too much
I know: never enough to satisfy myself
I say: too much most of the time
I succeed: to prove I do know what I’m doing
I fail: very rarely and then treat it as a learning experiance
I dream: about things I can never have
I wonder: when everything will work all at the same time
I want: to be rish if only to prove I was right
I worry: about letting my friends and family down
I wish: I was more realistic
I have: a wonderful pair of parents
I give: too much of myself
I fight: with stupid people constantly
I wait: for nothing, I make it happen
I need: more time
I live: to succeed

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