February 3 2006

Not that they ever make sense, but…

New Bedford, Mass has a sorted history when it comes to crime. The gang-rape in the back of a bar that inspired the movie The Accused happened here, and now, the senseless hate crime in a gay bar is the newest.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, February 2nd, 18 year old Jacob D. Robida walked in to Puzzles Lounge, presented what may have been a fake id, and ordered a drink. He asked the bartender if this was a gay bar, and the bartender confirmed it was. Jacob then walked back to the pool table, knocked down a man standing there, pulled out a hatchet and attacked him. Other patrons tried to restrain him, but all they managed to do was knock the hatchet away. He then pulled a gun and shot two other patrons before fleeing himself. As of right now, over 24 hours later, the police are still looking for him. A search of his houze turned up Nazi items and anti-Semitic writings on the wall. Nice guy.

Hate crimes never make sense to me, but even this one is beyond the normal. There is apparent motivation for this attack. How dare homosexuals gather somwhere? This man needs to be found, and found now so that he may pay for this totally senseless crime. You can see more info on him at

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