February 6 2006

Well, that’s disturbing.

Does any one else find it curstubing that Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans is finding it necessary to ask other countries for financial help in rebuilding New Orleans? According to this article, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina the countries of Jordan and France have been looking in to helping the city out with it’s repairs.

Is it just me, or does anyone find it mildly disturbing the richest, and most powerful, nation in the world can’t seem to take care of it’s own people when there is a disaster? How in the world has it come to this? And consideing that the national budget for 2007 was released today, with an extension of tax cuts, an elminination of 141 entitlement programs and an increase in security and defense spending…we couldn’t move some more of that money to rebuilding one of our oldest, most well-known cities?

Mayor Nagin somedays seems insane to me and other days he seems brilliant, it’s a fine line he walks.

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