February 11 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 2

As the second episode of Survivor Exile Island opens, we see the four tribes are suffering in a horrible rain storm. The older men of La Mina are shocked by a nearby lightning strike while the younger men of Viveros are cold and shuddering in their poorly constructed shelter.

The next morning, after much whining from Shane at the older camp about missing his son and cigarettes, the tribes headed off to the reward challange where they got a welcomed surprise…the tribes were shrinking from 4 to 2! In a schoolyard-pick fashion, the men pick a women and the women pick a man. The new Casaya tribe consists of Danielle, Courtney, Aras, Shane, Cirie, Bobby and Melinda. The new La Mina tribe is Dan, Terry, Austin, Nick, Ruth Marie, Sally and Misty. This left Bruce, as the odd-ball out of the new tribed as he was the 15th person. Jeff Probst hinted that maybe he would just go home, which made Bruce noticably nervous. Jeff than surprised him by saying that he would be headed to Exile Isalnd and return at the next Tribal Council. Which ever team went to Council, he would watch as an observer and then join that tribe, taking the place of the evicted tribe member. I doubt we will ever see someone so happy again to head to Exile Island.

For the details of the reward challange, we turn to the official site’s description:

“The two new tribes must race through an obstacle course, collecting six wooden snakes along the way. The tribes will collect two snakes at each of three stations. Each tribe must delegate one player to carry all six snakes throughout the entire course. The first tribe to cross the finish line with all their snakes wins the Reward: valuable fishing supplies.”

Nick was picked to to carrt the snaked for La Mina and Courtney was chosen for Casaya. Ok, here’s my question, the snakes are wooden and large, so you know they can’t be light, would you pike a girl the size of Courtney to try to carry them while racing? Yeah, I didn’t think so. She did fine when there was only two snakes, but when they got to the third and fourth, it wasn’t a pretty sight. La Mina won the fishing equipment.

Back at Casaya, Shane was in a much better mood than he was in the morning, he said he felt more comfortable with younger people. He also wasted no time in making an alliance with Courtney, Danielle and Aras. Cirie and Melinda were quick to pick-up on this and knew that if their team lost the next immunity challange, one of them would be going home.

Over at La Mina, Nick and Austin quickly discovered they were being sought out by others to form an alliance from this tribe. On one side were Terry and Dan, on the other were Sally and Misty. Nothing seemed to get settled there as Nick and Austin couldn’t make up their minds. The next morning, things got even more interesting when Sally went out with Nick to try their new fishing equipment. When trying out the spear, Sally fails to hold on to it and promptly loses it in 40 feet of water. Everyone says they aren’t mad, but I will be surprised if she’s not the first one evicted from the tribe when they go to Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, Bruce hangs out on Exile Island and receives a clue that tells him the hidden Immunity Idol is above the tide line and has a map showing a section of the island that the idol for sure isn’t residing in. Bruce never ends up with shelter or a fire, so he had other concerns on his mind besides finding the idol.

The time for the Immunity Challange arrives, and as usual, we turn to the CBS website:

“The two tribes must work together to transport a giant zombie head from the ocean to the beach. Each tribe has a boat anchored to the ocean floor with a large wooden box. In addition, each boat has six holes filled with rubber plugs. Five tribe members have to pull out the plugs and begin bailing water out of the boat while the other two tribe members jump into the water and start moving the boat by pulling the anchor towards shore. Once the boat is clipped onto the hitching post, it’s a race up the beach to put the anchor on the finish mat. The first tribe to put the zombie head on the zombie body wins Immunity.”

Terry was the star of this challange for La Mina and made sure that Casaya never caught up. On the beach, Nick put Ruth Marie on his shoulders to let her put the head on the body and they won Immunity. Sending Casaya to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Shane pleads to be sent home until he is talked out of it by Aras. Empowered by this, Shane reveals his alliance bluntly to Cirie and Melinda and telling them they will be the first two to go, just no idea in which order. When the vote comes, it is 5 for Melinda and 2 for Shane. Not sure this is the best tribe for Bruce to be joining afterall.

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