February 13 2006

Random Observations

I’m sitting home today with severe back pains, yay for old age, and I am making random observations as I see a part of TV I never see…weekday television!

– Schick now has a 5-blade shaver named the Quattro. One side has 5 blades, flip it over and there is a single blade for the harder to get to spots. Folks…if you need 5 blades, you may as well consider getting a lawn mower.

– The questions are starting to pick up in the Dick Cheney shooting situation. It was a full 15 hours before the media was alerted, and the President was not alerted until much later. What was going on? Why was it left to the ranch owner to alert the Corpus Christi, TX after their Sunday paper had already been released? Why did the Secret Service prevent the country Sherriff from questioning the Vice President? Why was his Deputy Chief Of Staff left out of the loop? Why was the White House press corps not notified? There are far more questions swirling here than was first suspected.

– Dr. Phil annoys me…greatly.

– How do you know when you’ve watched too much of the Olympics? Seriously, I want to know. When I found myself going out of the way to watch Team USA vs Team Norway in Men’s Curling at 2 AM this morning, I began to wonder.

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