February 17 2006

Will Windows Vista Be For You? has published a great article on 10 reasons why you should upgarde to Windows Vista when it comes out later this year, as well as 5 reasons you shouldn’t. I’m not going to reprint the whole article, but I want to touch on some of the things itmentions Vista will do.

Security – They are saying this is the most secure version of Windows yet with bidriectional firewalls and the whole 9 yards. Here’s the problem though, the second you say something is “the most secure” ever, it makes the hackers sit up and say “Oh they think so huh?” Guess what, this is like throwing a bloody body into a pool of crocodiles, they will attack, and if hackers have proven anything over the years, were there’s a way. So yes, Vista will be safe for a few weeks and then all bet’s are off.

Internet Explorer 7 – Whopee. Basically it’s going to finally catch up with my much beloved Firefox. They will be adding tabbed browsing, and if running on Vista, you will have extra security, but IE7 will be avaiilable to Windows XP users also. Not worth the upgrade just for IE7, that’s for sure.

Eye Candy – The article actually things the fact Vista will be “prettier” is a selling point. Um…who really cares? I’m sorry, but if you are more concerned with how your system looks to how it runs, I really don’t care about your thoughts any way. And the article even says later to get all the pretty stuff requires high-end graphics cards and it’s a resource hog. Seriously folks, just run it in basic mode and save yourself the resources.

Desktop Search – What a concept, they are finally building in something like Google Desktop…gee…why not just use the free,and proven, Google Desktop instead? Anything will be better than the glacier like search Windows XP currently sports.

Faster Updating – Meaning faster addition of security holes!

More Media Friendly – A stramlined Windows Media player and more MP3 friendly. In other words “Please stop using Quicktime and Real Player to watch videos, and while you are at it, drop iTunes.”

Parental controls – If deployed correctly, great. I’m not holding my breath for it to work right though.

Backups – Again, if it works right, yay! The question is though, backup to where? With the ever increasing size of primary hard drives, are we all going to have second harddrives? The vast majority of people will never use this.

Peer-to-peer collaboration – The ability for people to work together one project, great. I reserve judgement on this until I see it work for myself. I want to know how far apart the people can be.

Quick setup – Not sure how I feel about this one. My thoughts on changing your Operating System on an existing PC is that you don’t do it. The analogy I always use is imagine you’ve set a table for dinner with a white tablecloth. At the last minute you decide you want a checkered tablecloth so you try changing the tablecloth without taking the plates off. Not going to work too well. That’s what it’s like changing your OS on a PC. All your programs are set to work with the current one, you will have some compatiability issues if you change. And note I am stressing this on PCs, Macs don’t have this problem.

My recommendation is wait on Vista until you get a new computer, but the changes aren’t enough to warrant pulling your hair out to do it on an existing system.

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