February 18 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 3

Survivor Exile Island episode 3 opened with Casaya reutrning from Tribal Council with Bruce, who replaced the now outsed Melinda. Bruce immediately set about trying to make himself useful when he discovered the tribe had no fire currently and also was in need of water to drink. My quick question, they had not been drinking water when they did have fire? Guess not. Bruce explained to them he had taught backpacking for 20 years and there is way to use three t-shirts to make a filtration system that will get rid of 90% of the impurities. Courtney, who has also done backpacking work was skeptical…so was I, and still am Coutrney. They are filtering bacteria filled water through dirty shirts…yum!

La Mina was using their fishing equipment they won, but they kept catching Puffer Fish, which are poisionus. Terry finally caught a tiny little fish they could eat. A few comments are mumbled about how much better they would be doing if they had their spear. Gee Sally, might want to watch your back.

The tribes head to Reward Challange where Jeff Probst, and the CBS website, explain the game.

Using a giant slingshot, three tribe members will be the launchers, while the other four will stand on a balance beam over the water. One tribe member will launch a ball to the other four, who must catch it before it hits the water. The first tribe to catch five balls wins the Reward.

They were playing for blankets, pillows, large water containers, ropes, a tarp and oil lamps. The score went back and forth with La Mina finally winning 5 – 4. Here was the twist though, for this weeks person to go to Exile Island would be chosen by the winning tribe. La Mina decided to send Bruce because Casaya had touted how much he had helped them since joining them. Here’s a good idea, never tell the other tribe your strong points. Poor Bruce had to go back to the little island again and suffer through a horrendous rain storm. He should really blame the rest of his loud-mouthed tribe for that little bit. Meanwhile, La Mina enjoyed putting a tarp on their shelter that kept them dry. Write those love letters Bruce! He also mentioned the rain rolled in so fast he had no time to search for the hidden Imunity Idol.

Back at the Casaya tribe, feeling the sting of the loss of the reward, and the fact Bruce had been taken from them, the morale was low and the in-fighting was high. Shane was exploding over people sitting on his “thinking stump”. Courtney and he argued ofer the best way to move a boiling pot of water. Aras was wondering what sort of alliance he had gotten himself in to.

Misty and Sally tried using their sexuality to win over Nick and Austin. They thought it would help them, but it was unclear if it was getting through to the guys.

As the teams headed to the Immunity Challange, Bruce returned in time to hear the rules:

Each team will compete in varying match-ups, racing head to head to five circles in the sand. Buried within each circle is a bag. The tribes must dig and find the bag, and then get back to the finish mat. To score, there must be at least one hand on the bag while any part of the body touches the finish mat. First tribe to score three wins Immunity.

As you can imagine, it turned violent fast. Most of the fights starting before the Survivors would even reach the rings. It was tied 2 – 2, and on the fifth, it looked like La Mina might win it. Ruth Marie had the bag and was running her little heart out, but at the last second, Bobby grabbed her by the back of her shirt and dragged her and the bag to his mat all at once. It was quite amusing. This caused the recently reorganized La Mina to go to their first Tribal Council.

At first it looked like Ruth Marie would go as Misty and Sally campaigned against her, but at the same time Terry was trying to convince everyone else Misty was a mental threat. At some point he got through to everyone and Misty was ousted in a vote of 5 – 2. Jeff did ask her if she had the hidden Immunity idol from Exile Island, and no she did not. We know Bruce didn’t have time to look, so it is still on the smaller island somewhere.

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