February 19 2006

Lazy Journalism Strikes Again

I love it when you see stories like this. With my DirecTV, and where I live, I get both East and West coast channels, so sometimes I get to see news stories “travel” across the country. One coast will create a story and then you watch it creep it’s way across the country until it hits the other coast, and then it usually dies. Once in awhile though, one will get “legs” and just keep going even bouncing back again and up to national levels. This story has done the bounce and is now spreading like a virus. has become an easy target for news stories about sexual predators because, well, it has happened and journalists are lazy. The story that is getting the reported the most is multiple girls in Middletown, CN have been molested. Don’t get me wrong, sexual molestation is never a good thing, and I am not defending the scum who do this, but for parents and journalists to blame the website is just silly, lazy and stupid.

No matter where a child goes, it is the parents responsability to know what is going on and educate them about how to avoid problems. The problem is you are having more and more parents getting lazy and not wanting to spend the time with their kids they should. It is far easier to yell and scream after the event then trying to prepare your kid for all the eventualities. And journalists are just feeding this “fad” by blaming MySpace for these child victims and not asking why didn’t the parents do a better job. And add in the fact there are now over 57 million registered users on MySpace, how can you condemn the entire site for the actions of a few? Do you blame an entire city when a child gets abducted from a mall? Do you condemn every citizen of that city as evil because of the actions of a few? Doubtful.

So this is a double condemnation. Parents need to pay more attention to what their children are doing and for journalists not to be so quick to fall for whining parents.

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