February 20 2006

Networks Make NO Sense To Me!

Well, I was enjoying the new ABC sitcom, Crumbs. The series, based on a true story, was starring Fred Savage and Jane Curtain, and now it is questionable if I will ever enjoy it again.

According to this article, a 2 week hiatus seems to now be a bit more final. My question is why? It is currently ABC’s highest rated sitcom, beating The George Lopez show by 3 million viewers. Some are theorizing it is because it is after Dancing With The Stars and is losing around half of it’s lead-in audience. Fine, move it elsewhere then!

I swear the networks don’t make sense to me half the time. Pulling shows after a few episodes, but keeping drek like Hope & Faith on for multiple seasons, oh yeah, that makes sense. (before anyone bites my head off, I actually like the actors in Hope & Faith, I just think the writing is an exercise in torture.)

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