February 23 2006

Yum…Bad Tech Info…Love It

According to this article, president Fred Gilbert of Lakehead University, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, has come to the conclusion that Wi-Fi is dangerous to your health.

Here is the important part of the article:

“The jury is still out on the impact that electromagnetic forces have on human physiology,” Gilbert told a university meeting last month, insisting that university policy would not change while he remained president.

“Some studies have indicated that there are links to carcinogenetic occurrences in animals, including humans, that are related to energy fields associated with wireless hotspots, whether those hotspots are transmissions lines, whether they’re outlets, plasma screens, or microwave ovens that leak.”

Ok, so…when are removing the outlets, plasma screens and microwave ovens? This really makes no sense to me folks. The article also says they are leaving Wi-Fi in the areas that don’t have fiber optic cables. Oh, well, alright then, we’ll leave SOME of the “cancer causing” items because we are too cheap to run the fiber optic lines there, but it will just be the rest of the campus that will be cancer free. Makes perfect sense to me.

But then get a load of this part:

But the president’s stance has prompted a backlash from students and from Canadian health authorities, who say his fears are overdone.

“If you look at the body of science, we’re confident that there is no demonstrable health effect or effects from wireless technology,” said Robert Bradley, director of consumer and clinical radiation protection at Canada’s federal health department.

He said there was no reason to believe that properly installed wireless networks pose a health hazard to computer users.

Oh ok, so president Gilbert knows better than the health department good to know. I mean, obviously he has figured this all out and he is the expert on Wi-Fi over anyone else. For some reason this smells to me more of a president that doesn’t want to pay to have the Wi-Fi put in, but that is purely my speculation.

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