February 24 2006

Stewart/Trump War Escalates

Well, the war of words between Martha Stewart and Donald Trump picked up more steam on Friday as Martha went on daughter Alexis, Sirius Satellite Radio Show.

Martha informed the listnerers that the Donald’s open letter had been sent to the press before it went to her. She is now referring to him as “juvenile, evil, unethical and immoral”. Tell us Martha…how do you REALLY feel?

My fave part of the article has to be the following:

When Alexis declared, “A normal businessman doesn’t really behave this way,” and described Trump as being “busy riding around town seeing if your name is polished properly on the front of all the buildings you don’t really own,” Stewart replied, “Donald is not a normal businessman. Remember Donald was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He’s a spoiled brat.”

Alexis went on to attack Trump even further, expressing her sympathy for his daughter Ivanka, saying, “I feel sorry for her. She seems like a nice girl. It must be hard to have such a freak for a father,” and also suggesting he shove a silver spoon “up his a*s”.

In response, Trump says, “Nice. What a crude statement. But then Alexis is used to making crude statements.”

Ok, first off, Alexis is correct, Trump does NOT outright own all those buildings. It’s not even possible. He may own controlling shares, but he is not the sole-owner of that much Manhatten property. They are also correct in that he is nto a normal businessman. Everyone sooms to conveniately forget his various divisions have gone in-and-out of bankruptcy several times.

Trump just needs to get over this. Martha did not attack him at the Newsweek article, but in typical Trump fashion, he is blowing this up far bigger than it is. He is the mast of self-promotion, but this is just insane. And trust me, the fact The Apprentice 5 premiers on Monday is not lost on me. I am sure he isn’t use this to boost attention in the least. Mmhmm. No way.

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