March 3 2006

Darn Addictions

So today I’m sitting at work playing with some files and I get a warning about low disk space. “Low disk space? This is a 200GB hard drive and barely a year old!” So, I go in to My Computer and look at the drive status…I have 22 MBs of space left. Megabytes? GAH! So I look at my external 300GB drive and…oops, only 30GBs of space left. So, after a lot of cleaning up, I have about 30 some Gigabytes total left. So, the only option was to buy another Maxtor 300GB external drive.

So what’s causing my space problem? Music for the most part. I have 85GB of MP3s now and I am running them off my C drive with backups on the G drive. The thought of my C drive crashing and losing all that scares the living bejeebies out of me. So I keep a mirror copy on a second drive. So, the new plan is I will run the music from the H drive, delete the songs from the C, and mirror on the G drive.

The lesson here kids is just because you have a broadband connection, hard drive space and access to files, doesn’t mean you should download because you will run out of space due to your addiction. So many files, so little time and space.

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