March 4 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 5

Survivor Exile Island chugs along, and I would hope Sally might notice she is the only female left in the La Mina tribe. She seems to take it as an an honor for now, I wonder when she will realize it just means she has a bulls-eye on her back.

Over at Casaya, Aras is on the war path again about work ethics, but this time his target is Bruce. While he is trying to get the fire going, and everyone else is busy working at chores, Aras is dismayed to see Bruce constructing a Zen rock garden. Considering that last week Bruce was in with him on the berating of the rest of the tribe, you would think he might get the fact that Bruce is not the enemy, but I guess not. During his little rant, Aras thinks he needs alone time and wouldn’t mind actually going to Exile Island.

The tribes head to reward challange and are here comes the Jeff Probst explanation:

Each tribe will designate a retriever to transport rice, beans and fish from a boat to the shore. The retriever must race out, retrieve one item and bring it back to shore, then toss the item to their tribemates, who will be lined up. The item will be tossed from one person to the next until it reaches the last person, who will toss it into the appropriate bin. Once the item is in the bin, the retriever must go out and get another item. The first two items will be a bag of rice and a bag of beans. Thereafter, the items will be fish. Once a fish gets to the end of the line, the last person must chop off its head and the tail before throwing the body into the bin. The first tribe to eight wins the Reward: the entire bounty of rice, beans and fish, while the losing tribe will be able to choose one bag of beans or one bag of rice to take back to camp.

Austin was named the retriever for La Mina, and Aras for Casaya. The lead traded back and forth with Casaya ahead, then La Mina taking over due to Bobby dropping a fish. La Mina maintained the lead for awhile until Sally had problems catching a fish repeatedly that Dan was tossing her. Bobby switched places with Bruce, taking over the fish chopping, and he proved to be a pro at it. Casaya won and La Mina opted to take a bag of beans. Casaya again got to choose who would go to Exile Island and opted to send Terry back for his second visit. This didn’t sit badly with Terry because it hid the fact he has the idol.

Casaya is thrilled to return to their camp with over a 100 pounds of food, but find the rains have flooded their camp. Since they had no way to start a fire, and afraid their fish would spoil, the tribe opts to eat their fish raw. Cirie is less than thrilled with this concept, but she joined in anyway.

Over at La Mina, they got their fire going and immediately dug in to the beans…and paid for it into the next morning. I was glad to see Survivor finally show this as I have always figured this goes on. These people gorge themselves on empty stomachs and the human body just can’t take the shock to their systems they are giving it by eating too much in one shot. Never a good idea.

Back at Casaya, Bobby and Bruce took shelter in the outhouse, saying they had been left no room in the shelter. When Boby came in, he brought the last bottle of wine from the reward with him and he and Bruce finished it off. Never a good idea to steal a part of the reward from the rest of the tribe. Bobby and Bruce also vowed never to vote each other. In the morning, people were surprised to see them in the outhouse, and not pleased to see they had drank the last bottle of wine.

Time for Immunity Challange, and Terry returns from Exile Island in time to hear it explained:

Each tribe must send three members to paddle out to collect skulls from four coffins sitting on the ocean floor. Each time a coffin is found, someone must dive under water, open the coffin and find a skull puzzle piece. They’ll then untie the puzzle piece and bring it back to the boat. Once all four skull puzzle pieces have been collected, they will return them to shore. The two remaining tribe members use those four puzzle pieces to build a skull pyramid. The first tribe to build their skull pyramid and place their gold skull on top wins Immunity.

La Mina led the entire time and wrapped it up, sending Casaya to Tribal Council for the first time. (Really folks, the challange was boring, you don’t need any more of it)

Casaya flip-flopped more times than I could count as to who was going. First Bobby..then Bruce…then Bobby again, no one could make up their minds, and in one of th emost fractured votes I think in Survivor history, Bobby went in a 3-2-1-1 vote. For the record, I think the bottle of wine was the nail in his coffin.

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