March 7 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 2

The Apprentice started off with the bow beaten men of last week (Tarek, Lenny and Lee) returning from the boardroom after Summer’s ouster. It was obvious Tarek has been cut by Trumps words…good!

The next morning, the teams met up with The Donald and his two cronies to learn their new task. Hold it…different cronies! Bill Rancic, the winner of Apprentice 1, and Ivanka Trump were his cronies for this week. This week the product placemant…I mean task…was to get people to text message to a special number about the new Gillette Fusion. Yes…the 5 bladed monstrosity I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Synergy broke off first and headed to the Gillette headquarters where Pepi volunteered to be the project manager. As the team tried to brainstorm ideas, Brent was trying to pitch some, but was constantly cut off by Stacy. After many occurances of this, Stacy left the room to do something and was confronted by Brent. While he was out of the room, the team discussed firing Brent, and when Stacy came back in saying she had been “threatened” by Brent, they were even more adamant. Pepi pulled him asaid and talked to him and got things worked out.

Little personal observation here. Stacy had her head firmly up her hind-quarters here. Yes, Brent was close to her, yes Brent had a finger up…welcome to a pressured business situation. This does and will happen in business and you need to get used to it. The idea that the team want to fire Brent was childish and showed poor leadership on Pepi’s part. He shaould have simply told his team “That’s not going to happen, let’s get back to work”, but instead he went all spineless and listened to their whining.

Over at Gold Rush, things were only slightly better. Lee was the project manager, but he exerted no control over the team. After only a little bit of discussion over a marketing plan, Lenny decided to take Charmaine and Leslie out to Times Square and start getting people to send texts. Lee couldn’t stop them due to lack of being forceful. He was disjointed, lacked authority and was totally out of his element as PM.

The next morning, not only was Gold Rush up and out of the suite before Synergy even woke up, they chose the far better location for their event. Synergy was disorganized, random and had a horrible location. Long story short, Gold Rush received 683 text messages to Synergy’s 458. Even though Lenny went against Lee’s wishes, 100 of their text messages came in during Lenny’s late night Times Square mission. Their reward was to help three men with their Career Gear donated suits.

It was obvious as Synergy went to the board room that Brent was their target, but stacy started to waffle on her story of feeling threatened by Brent. So the team decided to play that card anyway,but also to bring up how much energy they had to use to control Brent. Folks…can we say scapegoat? I knew you could. After much pounding on him in the meeting, both Trump and Bill Rancic basically called foul and said that pinning the blame on him was unfair. Ruh roh Raggy…who see’s the writing on the wall already?

Trump told Pepi he could bring up to three people back in to the room with him and he warned him that due to the size of the loss, two people would be fired. He chose Brent, Stacy and Michael to come back in with him. It went quickly though, Stacy was fired for not hadelling Brent and for picking a bad location, Pepi was fired for being a moron…maybe not Trump’s exact words. Good riddance to both of them, but honestly, the entire team deserved to be fired.

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