March 11 2006

Survivor Exile Island Episode 6

Will someone please wake me when Survivor Exile Island get’s interesting? The thing is, I remember saying the same thing about Survivor Gautemala, but that was around episode 3! I don’t know what the problem is lately, but this one is just a snooze fest so far.

Anyway, we opened up this week with Casaya trying to get some sleep after voting out Bobby at Tribal Council. Shane came to the conclusion they made the wrong decesion and voted Bobby out for the wrong reasons and should have voted out Bruce. Now mind you, Shane was saying this out-loud with Bruce in the shelter. Nice Shane, real nice. He and Danielle got in to an argument over it whith Dani asking for everyone to go to sleep and discuss it the next morning. Shane continued to rant and say he wanted out of the alliance he had, but he couldn’t do that unless he got “his son’s name back”. Will someone PLEASE tell the Survivors to stop swearing on their children’s names?

The next morning, the women of the Casaya tribe were up early and sitting around the fire discussing getting rid of Shane. Danielle was adamant that Shane had to be the next one out at Council and no one seemed to mind that concept.

Over at La Mina, Sally was realizing that being the last woman of the tribe, the writing was on the wall for her to be the next one to go out at Tribal Council. She did doubt the “Boys Club” would be able to last all the way to the Final Four though. While this was going on, Dan decided to come clean with Austin and Nick about his Astronaut history. Why does this seem like a really bad idea to me? Oh yeah, because it was!

Meanwhile, Shane got released from his alliance when he got his son’s name back. Oddly enough his son didn’t seem thrilled to once again be claimed by Shane and begged for the alliance to take him back. (Yeah, that was my editorial)

And here’s Jeff Probst, via the official site, to explain the joint Reward & Immunity Challange:

“…for this competition, the tribes must each choose three members to race one at a time out into a field to untie, lower, unhook and retrieve four puzzle pieces. Once all four pieces have been collected, the two remaining tribe members will use those pieces to solve a spinning puzzle. The first tribe to solve it correctly will win Immunity and the Reward: a feast in a Panamanian fishing village. The winning tribe also gets to banish one member from the losing tribe to Exile Island. But in a surprise twist, the person sent to Exile Island will not go to Tribal Council, thus protecting them from being voted out. “

Shane had problems with untying the first puzzle piece and this put Casaya well behind La Mina. After all the pieces were back, Dan and Sally set about putting the puzzle together and got absolutely nowhere. Though Casaya started far later, Bruce and Cirie breezed through the puzzle and no time and completed it before La Mina even got one piece set.

Before Casaya set off for their reward they needed to decide whom from La Mina was going to be sent to Exile Island. After a short debate they sent Sally, saving her from the vote. What makes me think Casaya figured out the Boy’s Club alliance? Oops!

So Sally was sent off and Casaya headed off to their meal. Now, a brief commentary to CBS here…there should have really been a warning on this segment for adult content. Why, you may ask? Well, during their visit to the village, Shane got a cigarette from a villager. Please remember that Shane is a 3-pack a day smoker and had not had one for 16 days. I am not sure Shane so much smoked the cigarette as…well…had “adult relations” with it. I hope parents averted their children’s eyes from this scene. I swear there should have been porno music playing in the background.

After the horrifying scene of man/tobacco love, Shane apologized to Danielle for the previous comments about the alliance. They made up and looked like the alliance was back on, much to Cirie’s horror.

Back at Casaya, it was decided Dan would be leaving and he was told as much. I won’t bore you with the back-and-forth, it was obvious his letting loose with his NASA past was a mistake as they expected more out of him. They went ahead with the vote to make it official, and Dan was voted out in a 3-to-1 vote.

Next week is a special episode on Wednesday, and it will be three weeks until a new episode. The preview for that one implies a Survivor gets injured.

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