March 15 2006

Why Do We Have TVs Again?

AOL launched a new service today called In2TV. With minimal commercials (I counted three in a 1/2 hour show), you can watch complete epiesodes of old television shows. While you won’t be anything that aired recently, there are some great shows on here. The lineup at launch is:

Adventures of Brisco County Jr.
Babylon 5
Beetlejuice (Cartoon)
Chico and the Man
Dark Justice
Eight is Enough
F Troop
Falcon Crest
Freddy’s Nightmares
Growing Pains
Hanging With Mr. Cooper
Head Of The Class
Kung Fu
La Femme Nikita
Lois And Clark
New Adventures of Batman
Pinky And The Brain
Scarecrow & Mrs. King
Spenser for Hire
The F.B.I.
The Fugitive
Welcome Back Kotter
Wonder Woman

On shows like Babylon 5, they only have selected episodes, but in the case of Freakazoid!, this is a wonderful occurance! One of my personal favorite cartoons, it’s not available legally on DVD, and I haven’t seen the episodes since they were taken off of the Kids WB airings. I am very excited to see all of them again! Beetlejuice was fun also and Pink and the Brain…what can you say? Pure genius! And Adventures of Brisco County Jr. was one of those brilliant shows that was cancelled way too early in it’s life!

Think about this though, if you aren’t a serious TV watcher, and have a broadband connection, why should you have TV? Now you In2TV, YouTube, iTunes Video Store, Google Video and numerous other means out there. Most of these services are free, iTunes Video Store and Google Video Store charge, but if you only watch selected shows, you could come out much cheaper than a monthly cable bill.

As fast as shows are coming out on DVD now, online viewing, rentals by mail such as Netflix and Blockbuster, you have to wonder how much longer the current model of television viewing is going to last. Could commercial television be cutting it’s own throat in the long run? Stay tuned folks…same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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