March 16 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 3

When The Apprentice opened this week, we were treated some of the most immature behavior I think I have ever seen on this show. When Allie and Andrea saw Brent had survived the board room, they turned in to grade schoolers. Andrea ran off to the bathroom to cry while Allie tried to keep getting in the bathroom to calm her down. Get over it folks, the loss was not Brent’s fault! After Andrea recovered from her hissy fit, she said if she was Project Manager for Synergy this week, she could win in spite of Brent, so she was named their PM.

The night before the new task, Gold Rush was informed that Lee and Dan would be taking the next two days off the Jewish New Years. While most of the team seemed fine with this, Lenny took issue with it. He informed the team that he was also Jewish, but he would not be taking the days off as he felt they had a job to do and he felt Lee and Dan were merely using it as an excuse not to work.

The next morning, the teams met with Trump, Bill Rancic and Carolyn on the 87th floor of Trump World Tower. They were informed that Bill was replacing George as he was observing the Jewish holiday. Hint much Trump? The task was to set up a retreat for Chevrolet dealers and introduce them to the 2007 Tahoe. The winning team would be determined by comment cards.

This task seemed weak to me from the get go for some reason, and it was. Gold Rush was led by Theresa and…you know what…I can’t go on. This episode just SUCKED! Synergy picked on Brent the whole episode for no real good reasons, Gold Rush didn’t know their head from a hole in the ground and in short, Synergy won. Theresa brought Lenny and Tarek back in to the boardroom, when it was Charmaine that should have come in due to numerous mistakes she made. Trump made it fairly obvious he likes Lenny, thinks Tarek is a moron and fired Theresa for poor, poor judgement.

Next better be better…this week was almost painful.

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