March 19 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 3

Is there a rule somewhere that says every season of the Amazing Race has a zipline event? I’m telling you it’s written in the rules somewhere.

BJ & Tyler were the first depart the pit stop at 4:48 AM. When they opened their clue, they were instructed to drive 3 miles to a farm where they would take a 300 foot zipline ride. Considering the hour of the day, it should have been bvious to everyone this was an equalizer since no one in their right mind would ride a zipline in the dark. BJ & Tyler decided to take this chance to greet the teams in their own…unique ways. Jumping out of bushes, leaping on the hoods of their cars and so on. It is obvious to me BJ & Tyler are going to rank in my all time favorite teams.

At 7:00 AM, when the gates opened, the teams rushed in and did the task without any major events (except for Lake & Michelle getting amazing lost on their way). The clue told them to fly 7300 miles to Moscow, Russia! YAY! No more Brazil! Once in Moscow they would need to find Chaika Bassein, a water sports facility once used to train Olympic athletes. To get to the Sao Paulo airport, the teams had to get to the Brotas bus station and take the next available charter bus. All the teams seemed excited by all this except for Lake & Michelle as Lake exclaimed “Dang gummit! I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go to Russia!”….yes…he really said “Dang gummit!” Make of it as you will.

The teams took three charter buses to the airport, with only Fran & Berry on the third. They were sure they were out of it until they got to the airport and discovered they would all be on the same flight. When are teams going to learn there are always equalizers on the big jumps? I swear these people never watch the show before they go on it.

Once at the water facility, the teams discovered it was a Roadblock:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to put on a bathing suit and, braving the frigid weather, climb to the edge of the 10-meter board and jump into the pool. Once they took the plunge, they had to swim across the pool and dive to the bottom to retrieve their next clue.”

The teams all chose one member to jump in the pool, they took their turns and went for it. The only team to have a major problem was Wanda & Desiree. Wanda opted to do it, but it seems Wanda is deathly afraid of pools. Why in the world did she volunteer? Sure they were falling in to last place, Desiree kept trying to encourage her, but was sure they were out of race until they say Danielle & Dani suddenly come back to the pool! The reason? They forgot their fanny pack with their money and passports. Way to go morons! Speaking as someone who has travelled out of the country, I am always aware of wher emy passport is at all times. Without it, I am screwed, and the idea anyone could forget it just boggles my mind.

That being said, the clues then directed the teams to find the Smolensk Cathedral. Once at the Cathedral, the teams would find another clue. Again, BJ & Tyler impressed me because even though they were in first, they paused in the church to admire the paintings. Wow…people actually enjoy the sights they get to see while racing. Aamzing. The clue led to a Detour:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Scrub and Scour. In Scrub, Teams needed to travel to a trolley depot and wash an entire Moscow trolley inside and out. While it would be a physical task, Teams could control their own destiny, finishing as fast as their stamina allows. In Scour, Teams had to travel to a theater and search through 1,500 multi-piece Russian nesting dolls in order to find one of 10 microscopic clues. While there would be nothing physical about the task, Teams would have to rely on their luck and could take a long time to finish.”

BJ & Tyler, Fran & Barry, Eric & Jeremy and Lake & Michelle all odecided to wash the trolley cars…well….none of them ever did. After their cabs all got lost, they went for the nesting dolls. Dave & Lori, Joseph & Monica, Wanda & Desiree and Danielle & Dani all ended up at the trolleys.

As the teams all finished, they received a clue telling them to find Phil near St. Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square. Eric & Jeremy were the first ones to find Phil and….were told the leg was not over, here was their next clue! ARGH!

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