March 21 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 4

Is it just me, or is this group of candidates on The Apprentice the most annoying group yet? I would love to see them just once concentrate more on the task than on trying to stab each other in the back and set up other people to take the fall.

We start off this week with yet more crying! What is up with this group?!? Backstabbing, crying, general bitchiness…ARGH! Charmaine learns that Theresa got fired for her poor choice of not bringing her back in to the Board Room so…cue the crying!

The next morning, the teams emt up with Trump, Ivanka and George at the Trump Grille in the lobby of Trump Tower which resides in the city of Trump York in the state of Trump York….you get the idea. The teams were to design a banner for the new Post Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch, which has to be the MOST unwieldy name for a cereal ever. They would then be judged by executives from Post.

Tammy stepped as Project Manager for Synergy due to her background in marketing. She wanted to decide who would be presenting to the executives, Brent raised his hand and…yeah, that wasn’t going to happen. He also suggested they focus their ad on weight loss, an idea the team did not warm to. Instead they wanted to go with a theme of one generation passing the Grape Nuts on to the next…yeah…not so bright.

Over at Gold Rush, Charmaine stepped up as PM in an an effort to prove her worth to Trump. No ideas really caught on until Bryce suggested the idea of an attractive woman chugging a box of cereal. I will admit I scoffed at first, but the final product was much better than I expected.

Oddly, both teams got the idea to search the city streets for models, as opposed to hiring them. Synergy was going to hire real models, but decided that they instead wanted normal people for their ad. I would like to have seen some discussion of how the teams arrived at these decesions, but alas that information was never shared. Synergy wanted a daughter and father set up, they would have been wise to go with an older guy than they did, but what do I know.

And again, with Synergy, Brent tried helping with the design of the box packaging, but was shot down at every turn, mostly be Andrea. Once the package was done and the image emailed over to Sean and Allie, who were working on the photography, the team again clashed as Sean hated the packaging.

The next morning, as Synergy (noticing a theme as to who this episode was focused on?), was ready to leave for their presentation, the team had to wait on Brent due to his getting up late. Andrea scolded him and that resulted in an even bigger delay as they argued. Once at the presentation, the Synergy banner was too crowded, Sean stammered through his presentation and…yeah, they lost. Big shocker. Gold Rush won a prize of cooking a meal with world reknowned chef, Jean-Georges. Lenny made an ass out of himself by finishing off some of his plating…Lenny is not long for this world I think.

In the board room, Synergy praised Tammy’s leadership skills, except for Brent, of course. Long story short, Brent got fired without anyone even being sent out of the room. He just couldn’t keep his mouth shut, but at the same time, I have to say his entire team is a disater.

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