March 23 2006

Amazing Race 9, Episode 4

Amazing Race opened with Eric & Jeremy being told by Phil that the leg was not over and being handed their next clue. They were instructed to fly over a 1,000 miles to Frankfurt, Germany and then take a train for a 100 miles to Stuttgart. Once there they needed to locate the Mercedes-Benz factory and find their next clue. Lake & Michelle were close behind and second place and the teams took off for the airport.

The other teams who did the nesting doll Detour from last week were the first teams in-and-out of the Pit Stop, the Trolley washers were way behind. The last team to get the stern-gaze of Phil, was Dave & Lori. They seemed to be the only ones relieved to hear the leg wasn’t over for some odd reason.

At the airport, Eric & Jeremy got on a Lufthansa flight that was leaving immediately. Lake & Michelle got an Aeroflot flight leaving two hours later due to the other flight now being closed. This led to Lake once again saying “Dang gummit!”, once again affirming my suspicion that his father is Jed Clampett. The teams all started to bunch up at the airport when all of a sudden the computers went down, possibly stranding the remianing seven teams.The teams stood at different windows to get the best position when the computers came back up. BJ & Tyler lucked out and were at the first window to open up and made it just in time to get on the Aeroflot flight. The other six teams got stranded until 7:00 AM the next morning.

Meanwhile, Eric & Jeremy made it to the Merceds-Benz factory and read their clue. They would be taking a test drive on an old test track known as The Wall of Death. Unfortanly the factory didn’t open until 8:30 AM the next morning, so they saw their lead disappearing. Little did they know the teams were standed for the most part. While the six teams finally made it in to the air, the three teams that had made it out of Moscow were at the test track. They chose a driver to take them on the track and experienced speeds up to 170 KMH (105 MPH) and angles of nearly 90 degrees. Once done their clue instructed them to drive 200 miles to the city of Bad Tolz were they would find their next clue.

As the follow up teams made it through the test track they headed out, but all except for Barry & Fran had trouble finding the Autobahn. Due to Fran’s navigating they propelled themselves from last to fourth place. Meanwhile, Wanda & Desiree were working wih Dani & Danielle on not only getting lost, but getting lost in grand style as they managed to travel in a complete circle and get lost in the same place twice. Pretty impressive I must say.

Once the teams arrived at the farm just outside of Bad Tolz, they opened their clues to discover a Roadblock:

“In this Roadblock, one Team member had to search the large field filled with 150 hats and feet of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome. Underneath 11 of the hats and feet would be a gnome itself that held its next clue.”

The most amusing thing in the early part of this was Lake & Michelle couldn’t find the field so they got a drunk local man to ride in the car with them until they could find it. Whatever it takes! As the teams finished, their next clue told them to drive to Bavaria Film Studios in Grunwald and they were to take their gnome with them safely to the Pit Stop.

Once at the studio, the teams found their Detour for this leg:

“In this Detour, Teams had to choose between Break It and Slap It. In Break It, Team members took turns breaking stunt bottles on each other’s heads until they found one with “prost,” the German word for cheers, written on back of the label. However, they could only smash one bottle per cuckoo from a traditional German cuckoo clock. In Slap It, Teams had to learn and correctly perform a sequence of steps from a complex German folk dance. The task would be physical, but Teams with the right rhythm could finish fast.”

To be quite honest, I saw Fran & Barry mess up their dance they were allowed to go on through, so not sure how hard the dance was. The bottle smashing was hillarious though as teams found different ways of breaking the bottles. Eric & Jeremy hit on the clue girl and got kisses on their cheeks from her. When BJ & Tyler got up to her, Tyler all of a sudden spoke in German to her and asked if she would like to go dancing with them. She seemed impressed. As the teams finished their clue instructed them to drive 10 miles to travel 10 miles into Munich and find the street Leopold Strasse where they would find the Siegestor, a 153-year-old monument to peace and the Pit Stop.

To be short, Eric & Jeremy arrived in first place and won a trip. Wanda & Desiree ended up in a battle for last place with Dani & Danielle, both of them running hours behind the other teams, and it really did get down to the last few seconds, but Wanda & Desiree were eliminated from the race. Funniest moment of the Pit Stop, of course, goes to BJ & Tyler who decided to run backwards on to the mat, causing Phil to turn to the German greeter with a puzzled look and say “They’re running backwards, Peter.” Upon jumping on the mat, they looked at the German man, who has a long beard, and exclaimed “SANTA!” I swear these guys are about the happiest team this race has ever seen.

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