March 25 2006

Google Earth

As I get ready to return to Tokyo again, I decided to go through my Google Earth on my laptop and mark the places I go the most so I could refresh my memory now, and when there. I also thought it would be fun for my family to see where I go, and I also thought I will post screen caps each day in the blog so you all could see where I go each day.

Well, as I went through marking spots, there was a couple of places I couldn’t find because they were not near any major stations, and especially not near any of the Yamanote stops. So I started seaching the Google Earth Keyhole groups for downloadable overlays. I finally found one that marked EVERY subway and train station in the Tokyo region. I had no clue there were that many stations! Yikes! But, I found the places I was looking for.

I then found another overlay that showed shopping centers, coffee shops, bars, resturants, parks, shrines and so on. So many new places for me to check out and explore. I will have to study the maps harder before I go to make sure I don’t get lost…which is easy for me.

Now, I have talks specifically about Tokyo, but these same sorts of overlays exist for just about ever major city in the worl. So download Google Earth, and begin exploring yoru favorite cities, even if you’ve never been there! It’s hours of fun, all for free!

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