March 26 2006

That’s it, I give up!

As you probably all remember, back in June I burned my leg with a pot pie I dropped. I have a lovely scar from it, but overall it healed nicely. So, tonight I decided to throw a lovely Marie Callender Lasagna in the oven. In the last 15 minutes of baking you are supposed to remove the lif to crisp up the cheese. Ok, so when your hand slips and your right middle finger hits the upper backing rack, guess what happens? Yep…burn.

Let’s face it folks, ovens and I don’t mix. This burn isn’t very bad, and I sokaed it in ice water for quite awhile, but oven baked Marie Callender items and I are just not having a good track record. I think I may switch to just eating salads, but knowing my luck, I will find some way to harm myself with those also.

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