March 27 2006

That is just mind boggling…

The Channel I watch All My Children on in the afternoons, when I can, shows the syndicated version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the version hosted by Meredith Viera. I try to avoid seeing this show, but sometimes I do flip channels early. So today I flip over and a woman gets asked on the $4,000 question “What famous Washington D.C. monument is featured on the back of the $5 dollar bill?”. I smirk thinking how easy this is.

She used the “Ask the audience lifeline”…only 65% of them got it right. The AOL Instant Messenger respondets…well…only 56% of them got it right.

Where in the world does the daily version of this show find it’s contestants? Do they only accept people with the lowest possible IQs they can find? “That man appears to have trouble tying his own shoes…quick! Snatch him up for the show!”

And if you are reading this and need to pull out a $5 bill to see which monument is….first you need to be smacked….secondly, it’s the Lincoln Memorial.

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