March 29 2006

The Apprentice:Donald Trump 5, Episode 5

Yep, it’s that time of…week…again…for *snore* huh? What? Oh yeah, The Apprentice synopsis.

The teams met up with Trump, Bill Rancic and Carolyn aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship to receive their next task. They were to come up with a 30 second commercial to promote the companies new “Fire In Every Room!” cruise…wait…that’s not right. “Intestinal Trouble Spree”? No…”Freestyle Cruising”! That’s it! The catch was the ship was departing in 3 hours and they had to be off the ship by then.

This has to be the single most insane task yet. “Unrealistic” is one word that springs to mind immediately. There is no way a company goes to an ad agency and says “Hey, we need a commercial. Come up with the concept, hire the film crew, hire the actors, stage it and shoot it…and oh yeah, we need this all done in three hours.” In the past this show’s tasks have at least had SOME connection to reality, but this one was so off-the-wall, it was jarring to the senses!

Dan stepped up as Gold Rush project manager and did a horrible job. I liked Lenny’s concept of the cruise ship picking up a castaway, but it wasn’t shot properly and was poorly edited.

Roxanne was PM for Synergy and they went with the concept of showing off how the Freetyle-Intestinal-Trouble-With-A-Fire-In-Your-Room program allowed you to dine at any time you wanted. Roxanne lacked any real leadership skills, but they got the job done anyway, even with Andrea being a total pain-in-the-butt. (Because, as she will tell you, she’s made millions, what do you know?)

Here’s what the offical site said of the decesion:

“The executives felt that both ads were good, but that Synergy’s use of voice-over compared to Gold Rush’s use of text was much more effective. They also thought that Gold Rush’s ad was confusing while Synergy’s was clear. Therefore, the winner was Synergy.”

Synergy won some diamonds from some secret vault place, I don’t know, I was bored senseless at this point. Dan whined a lot in the boardroom, Trump got pissy Lenny wasn’t in the room, Carolyn got on the table and danced…who knows…Dan got fired. This show has crossed over in to the land of silly with just downright awful tasks this season.

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